Michael Erickson

Chairman, Republicans for the National Interest

Michael Erickson is the Chairman of Republicans for the National Interest, an organization that promotes conservative principles within the National Republican Party.
His past and present work within the GOP includes being Member of the California Republican Party Executive Committee, Treasurer of the California Republican Party County Chairman's Association, Chairman of the Sonoma County Republican Party, Deputy Field Director of the California Republican Victory 2006 campaign, Campaign Manager for several State Legislative Campaigns, and President of the Santa Clara University School of Law Republicans.

Michael served as an officer of the United States Navy Reserve and then joined the California Army National Guard to become a Reserve Chaplain.

As a lawyer, Michael has pursued the legal practice both professionally and politically. Professionally he has worked in insurance and securities litigation and construction and environmental law. Politically, he has used his legal experience to defend property rights, working on cases involving eminent domain and property taxes. He has devoted much of his time and energy to preventing infringements of constitutionally protected liberties within the context of land use conflicts.

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